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There is no better combination than our Kratom and coffee blends.

Coffee comes from the bean, or the seed of the plant, where the Kratom comes from the leaf. Despite the different parts of the plant that are harvested, both are members of the same family of flowering plants, Rubiaceae.

The Rubiaceae family contains over 13,000 species ranging from trees to shrubs and herbs. These plants are mostly found in tropical areas.

The primary alkaloid in coffee, caffeine, is responsible for the savory beverage’s stimulant effect.

Kratom also has a stimulant effect, but this is where the similarities end.

Kratom is made up of more than two dozen alkaloids. The most widely known alkaloid is mitragynine. It is the predominant alkaloid in Kratom.

The unique blend of our Kratom and coffee delivers the combination of energy and with the benefit of a full spectrum of kratom alkaloids, promotes full body feelings of well-being.

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