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Kratom Extract

Zen K™ 2oz Kratom Shot

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What is Kratom Extract?

The purpose of an herbal extract is to target and create a concentration of the biologically active compounds in a plant that may contribute a significant beneficial role in human health.

While creating an extract, the goal is to gather and concentrate the active compounds and separate and remove the unnecessary plant material.

Our extracts are carefully prepared. We establish and employ various parameters to contain and concentrate the preferred alkaloids.

The extracts in their raw form vary in strength and alkaloid content. Some of our extracts focus mostly on mitragynine while others have a full spectrum of concentrated alkaloids.

Each extract is meticulously made using a specific process conducted in our lab under the supervision and guidance of well-trained chemists.

The coveted leaves of the kratom tree contain over two dozen alkaloids. This full spectrum of alkaloids has what is commonly referred to as an ‘entourage effect’. This means that these alkaloids work harmoniously together to deliver the wonderful results to our body.

Well-made, quality extracts have their place in Kratom. As with anything, there is always a range of quality in the market (poor, average, good, premium). Do your research to understand your Kratom extract products.

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