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You won’t find a better Maeng Da Kratom powder out there than this.

Kratom powder is the traditional way to enjoy kratom in the West drinking what is commonly referred to as Kratom Tea.

Many assume Kratom Tea is how people in the native regions where kratom grows enjoy kratom; that is incorrect.

Most people in these countries prefer to chew on the leaf that is taken directly from the tree.

Kratom powder is made by taking these same leaves and putting them through a process that includes collecting, washing, drying, crushing, sifting, and grinding. We also add an optional heat treatment to our powder.

When consumed as a beverage, Kratom starts to take effect in just a few minutes.

For the love of Kratom

We have an unmatched rigorous testing protocol. It is the best and most thorough one in the industry.

Tracked from leaf to shelf, testing is conducted a minimum of three times: during processing, prior to finished goods production, and on the finished products.

When you enjoy one of our products, you can do so with the peace of mind that your product is the highest quality and made with your well-being in mind.

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