I have always believed in the benefits of Good Living. Everyone should pursue a full life, living authentically, leaning into who they are and who they see themselves as being.

With a passion for Adventures, I spent much of my early 20s traveling around the world. I explored cities and countryside before there were cell phones and digital map systems. I moved from place to place by public transport using the paper guides at the terminal. I discovered hidden gems by asking locals, not searching for it through an app on my phone.

I am passionate about Living!

Through my passion, I stumbled into my purpose… pursuing Nature’s Adventures.

Driven by my endless curiosity and my deep love for fact-finding, I exited my post-grad studies and realized that, despite what I’d been taught, when it comes to our health, Nature provides us with all the ingredients we need.

“Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”
-Hippocrates, 400 BC

Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, and the father of modern medicine was emphasizing the importance of nutrition to prevent or cure diseases.

We live in a culture and society of comfort and inflammation.

We eat too much and drink too much. A majority of our nutrition comes from highly processed foods. These foods and the way we eat and the way we medicate with prescriptions and non-prescription pills and tonics are literally only putting a band-aid on the problems we have.

Your health and well-being are yours and yours alone!

Own it.

Fiercely protect it.

Keep it for as long as possible.

Your health is a gift. Understand it and treasure it.

I’ve never been content with being comfortable. I think this is why Kratom and I fell into one another.

Working with Kratom is not an easy path. It’s often misunderstood. It is frequently mischaracterized by big industries that can’t patent it and make a profit from it.

I was an early pioneer carving a path for better quality products, better tasting products, and the best when it comes to manufacturing.

I spent many hours with the industry leaders and stakeholders hammering home the idea that we must do better by the plant by providing the best products that we can to our customers.

I opted to take a distinctive approach and place my stake in the ground to make products that profoundly help others.
Topline Kratom is a direct-selling company leading a true Kratom movement that is dedicated to changing the way people do good living.

Yours in Kratom,
Jessie Engle
Founder of Topline Kratom